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  1. R+CO
    23 Jan, 2018
    Rain Rain Go Away… Come again when I’m ready for an all-day movie marathon. Washington is known for many things, but the first thing people always ask me when I tell them I live here is, “Oh, it rains there ALL the time, doesn’t it?” Well, no, it doesn’t but it sure does feel like it. So, for the next five months you won’t catch me without my North Face parka or my rain boots. The trouble with living here in the winter months though, besides the rain and lack of sun and snow (I LOVE the snow),
  2. We All Want to Look Sexy at the Beach…
    21 Mar, 2017
    We All Want to Look Sexy at the Beach…
    We all want to look sexy at the beach… Ok, so we all know that long hair and a bikini go hand-in-hand. What we tend to forget is that the beach and pool are very unforgiving for our long locks...especially extensions.  We have the image of Bridget Bardot on the beach looking perfectly salty and sultry without a hair out of place, and we end up looking like a small animal took up camp in our hair. Not the result anyone would hope for. Now we can all be Bridget Bardot (if she were an animal, she
  3. I Just Love 'Em
    02 Mar, 2017
    I Just Love 'Em
    Why I love my extensions… I don’t think I say it enough because I think that everyone already knows that I myself do indeed have extensions. I know I already have long hair but it wasn’t always that way and I started out just like many of you wanting long hair faster than God would agree to let me have it. So I got my very own set.  AND…...I LOVE THEM! I have had extensions off and on now for 9 years and recently on for about 2. I am seriously addicted. I have taken them out here and there to
  4. Happy November
    28 Nov, 2016
    Happy November
    Happy November, Elle.B Friends and Family! Hard to believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving; where has the fall gone? Although with the lingering warm weather, you’d think it was August. We all know it’s been unseasonably warm, and though that always raises concerns about climate change, we’ll take as many warm days as we’re given before the snow arrives. With winter on its way, and predictions of La Niña weather patterns bringing below average snow fall, we wanted to take this opportunity to
  5. Pinterest…Good or Bad?
    01 Jun, 2016
    Pinterest…Good or Bad?
    Pinterest is this amazing place with ideas for everything!  There is hair, fashion, food, furniture,  you name it and it is probably there. Today I want to take a minute and talk about why Pinterest can be awesome and why it can be difficult.  Personally, I use Pinterest for everything.  I have recently decided to change my eating habits and it has been my savior with some of the best and easiest recipes I have ever tried.  On the other hand, it can definitely set very unrealistic expectations
  6. Our first photo shoot with Lisa Rundall!
    24 May, 2016
    Our first photo shoot with Lisa Rundall!
    We had our first photo shoot with Lisa about a week and a half ago and it was the most wonderful experience!  We will absolutely be working with her again and we can’t wait to see some of our beautiful brides that she will be shooting this summer!  I just wanted to take a minute and thank both Lisa and Rahja for being so friendly and easy to work with.  We can’t wait to do it again soon! If you love some of these please check out her Facebook, instagram and website! Lisa Rundall Photography