Stylists for Stylists

15 December 2017  I  Lindsay Guzman

I look around some days and I am in awe. There are a million little wonders in this world that we can be in awe of so, I will let you take a moment to think of those and go, “Awwww…”. Okay, now back to my moment. I am so awestruck by what we have accomplished at our little salon.

Travel back in time with me…

4 years ago I found myself frustrated with the lack of education in our industry. For me specifically, I noticed it in the world of hair extensions. Unless you had big bucks to spend with the big names in the hairstyling industry, you were basically on your own with education, and even then, it was often subpar. Yeah sure, there might be a YouTube video here and there that was intriguing at best, but really that was it. Spend a whole month’s paycheck with one educator, or a whole night searching for inspiration on YouTube.

There is so much knowledge in the stylists that surround us but the likelihood of having a booth-rent stylist that shares their knowledge with another stylist at their salon is pretty slim. Most booth-rent stylists view their coworkers as competition.

Even so, I found that I often learned the most from the stylists around me. Whether it be by observation or through their instruction (and this was rare), I found myself more inspired by stylist peers than by any class I could afford. A small group of us had this epiphany and soon realized that when we combined our knowledge and shared it, our customers were better served and we were more inspired.

Fast Forward to now…to the “awestruck” part

So that small group of us has now turned into a bustling salon of stylists for stylists: A mindset that the client comes first and the best way to do that is to learn from the experience of those around us.

We started teaching our knowledge to any and all who would listen. Instagram has put gasoline on the fire and now its a full on MOVEMENT!  We get feedback daily of how inspired our staff is and how happy our clientele is. I have turned my passion for and expertise of hair extensions into The Method of Extensions . Heather, our resident balayage expert, now runs The Method of Balayage . The list goes on and on. Our salon hosts classes both in-house and for the public and we strive to push the ethos that if we all work with and for each other as a team, everyone we touch will be better served - and happier!

Check out our Elle.B Academy classes HERE !