Hair color classes taught by color brands, though inspiring, can be very limiting.
Often expensive and inconvenient as well as only applicable to their brand of products.

Technique based hair colorist training at Elle.b Academy allows for you as the stylist to create far more customized looks for your clients, no matter what brand or brands you are loyal too.  This gives clients peace of mind in knowing you are the expert in their look, making it as unique as they are.

Hair Colorist School

Led by Behind The Chair Experts

Our instructors still work behind the chair everyday and share their real world expertise with you. Our lead instructors have over 15 years of experience owning salons and building a strong client base from Seattle to New York City.

How does technique based hair color training help you grow your business?

  • When you are the expert-your customers stop asking: “How much?”
  • You have happier customers who get excited about referring you new business.
  • You retain more clients who spend more money.
  • Your return on your training investment comes back 100 fold
  • You get to work smarter, not harder.
  • Make more and work less.

The Color Class

With any transformation, big or small, color is what makes it. Whether your  client is as simple as an all over color or as complicated as a unicorn hair -- yep that’s a thing -- we have the class for it.

Take your skills to the next level by experiencing specialized classes that breakdown the nuances of hair color technique and apply them to different client styles and needs. By combining the experience and training of our team and applying our technique based approach to learning we bring you hair color classes that are able to applied next day behind the chair.  

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