Women’s Haircut  $55
Men’s Haircut  $40
Child’s Haircut  $20
Updo  $65

Color  $100
Partial Highlight  $115
Balayage  $175
Hair Extensions - Consult

Balayage Certified
Noel Hicks
Favorite band  I don't have just one favorite artist.. I love music so anything that gets me groovin!

Favorite Denver hangout  I'm new to the city, but LOVE the outdoors and patios!

Years behind the chair  6 years

3 adjectives friends would use to describe you  Passionate, loving, free spirit.

Specialties  Colorist, Extensions, Styling, Makeup.


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Q: First things first…if someone asked you why you’re a hairstylist, how would you answer? 
A: Since I was a little girl, I always told my mom I wanted to make women look beautiful like her.. so since then I pursued my dream. I have a tattoo on  my back that says "in the gentle depths of the soul everyone deserves to feel beautiful". The best reward of my career is having someone feel confident and beautiful leaving your chair! Nowadays we are so hard on ourselves as individuals that we don't take a moment to see the beauty in ourselves. So being able to color, cut, style or even a makeup application on a client to make them feel amazing, makes me feel amazing.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? How do you keep it fresh?
A:  I consider myself an artist. I find inspiration from everywhere and everyone. When a client sits in my chair, it's like a blank canvas for me to paint my art! I try to watch every award show, fashion shows, follow as many artist as myself on social media, education classes and most importantly fellow co workers to get more inspiration from them! We learn from each other! That's the beauty of our career.

Q: Animal person? Yes/No? Explain!
A:  Absolutely! I have two fur babies. Paisley my tuxedo kitty and Willow my lab puppy! Is it bad when I'm at the dog park I wish I was a dog? They have so much FUN!

Q: Besides the art of hairstyling, what else do you like to do in your freetime?
A:  I am social bunny! Being new to Denver I love to get out and explore. From parks on the corner to driving hours away to hike a mountain or jump out of an airplane.. I'm there! I've been a soccer player since I was four years old and love it, not only soccer but any sporting event, count me in!  I just moved from Nashville, and the love for music is out of this world..so I love to go to concerts or even a lounge to listen to tunes. I think one of the best things I love to do though is travel! Life is to short not to travel the seven wonders.

Q: Tell us the funniest hair story you have had in your experience.
A:  I think one of the funniest hair stories was while I was assisting I was shampooing a clients hair and in the midst of it all my shirt caught on to the shampoo head and it turned into Holiday World! Let's just say she was in the wet zone ...